24 Apr 2010


Thinking about what to do about lucky rituals that sports people do before races, matches etc.. or lucky charms that they might wear. I spoke to a friend who is in a running club, she told me that she has certain shorts that she always wears to race in, and always wears a running watch that her coach gave to her. Also always eats a bowl of pasta before a race, and drinks Gatorade before and after. She also has a necklace that a friend gave her, and either wears it during a race or at least just touches it before for a bit of luck. I think I need to make a sort of profile of her.. a case study? And think about the different things that make up the luck, sort of like 'New Math,' I could have Running watch + Necklace + Gatorade = Good race. I could make this in images? And I probably also need to ask more sports people about their lucky charms, to just have one person doesn't present a very balanced idea.

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