25 Apr 2010

Collecting & Planning

Today I sent a mini questionnaire to my friend who is part of running club, and she is going to forward it onto her friends in the club so I can get some more information about the lucky rituals & charms that sports people have. I just asked on the questionnaire if they had a lucky routine, if they had a lucky charm, why it was that particular thing that was lucky to them, and if they could give an example of a time it brought them good luck? Hopefully I'll get some replies soon and I can start exploring what I'm going to do with this little investigation into this type of luck!
Also, I'm planning at the moment to carry out my research for Lucky Numbers tomorrow. What I really want is to photograph people holding their lucky numbers, and ask them why that is their lucky number. I think as well I'm going to buy two lottery tickets. One I'm just going to fill out with totally random numbers that don't mean anything to me, and the other I'm going to fill out with lucky numbers, and record these decisions.

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