29 Apr 2010

Collecting more lucky charms info

I've got back some really interesting things from the questionnaire I sent to my friend's running club, here is one girl's response:

Do you have a certain routine that you stick to, the morning before a race?
e.g something you always eat, something you always do..
I always set my alarm for an even number, brush my teeth before breakfast instead of after and always always have two cups of tea.

Do you have a Lucky charm that you take with you to a race? Or something Lucky that you always wear?
I always wear my necklace my great grandma gave to me or wear a certain pair of socks that I trained well in during the week without washing them, a tad gross!

If so, why is that thing/object Lucky to you?
Ever since year five I have worn the necklace when competing or taking exams and now its routine to wear it when racing. I get superstitious and race badly if I don’t wear it.

Can you think of any times that it made you really lucky, or any times you didn’t do well because you didn’t have it with you?
Last year in the Kent champs I got through to the final and got two pb’s on one day and I thanked my necklace profusely :L I don’t know what Im going to do if the necklace breaks, it could be a potential disaster! When I wasn’t wearing the necklace for a x country race last season, I raced awfully because during the whole race I was thinking about not wearing my necklace and constantly worrying :/

On a different note, I got my friend Becca to bring in her lucky pants today..

When i've experimented with my lucky numbers book etc, I want to look at making similar things with the lucky charms photos I'm collecting, and then work on equations for luck.

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  1. Hooray! I only just came across your blog, but it is a mighty fine one, Jat! Plus, I think that the photo of me in my pants really was the defining moment of the course for me...