28 Apr 2010

Lucky numbers

I've started taking photos of people and their lucky numbers, and finding out why it is they've chosen that as their lucky number. I'm pleased with this first set of portraits, but i just want to re-do Finy with her lucky number 10, because the background of the studio wall isn't very interesting compared to the random settings of the other photos. I'm going to experiment with what format to display these photos in, I think I'm going to start with making a book, that explains why each number is lucky to that person. I also want to take a lot more photos of people with their numbers because I think it will create a really interesting series.
I had an interim crit where I talked about ideas for moving forward, and I discussed with the group my ideas about lucky charms, and I said that once I get the feedback from the running club mini questionnaires I'm going to look at making a series of visual formulas or equations for luck. The group was really positive about this idea so I'm going to start experimenting with it soon!

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