22 Apr 2010

Initial Research

During the easter holidays I carried out indepth research into what luck is, looking at what if officially means, the speculation is causes, some individuals views on what it is, and how it can be enhanced or even reduced. I've been given an insight into just how broad this topic really is. I've come to realise that luck is a Personal thing. Everyone has their own lucky charms, numbers, or rituals that help them increase their luck. What is lucky to me, would mean pretty much nothing to you. And I think its that, that makes this such an interesting concept.

As part of my research I read this book:

It explains the first scientific study into why lucky people live 'charmed lives.' It took several years of research and involved interviews and experiments with hundreds of people who considered themselved exceptionally lucky of unlucky.
Throught the book Wiseman explains how to make yourself lucky, and it apparently comes down to these 4 principles:
1. Maximise your chance opportunities
2. Listen to your lucky hunches
3. Expect good fortune
4. Turn your bad luck into good.
He says that luck is not a magical ability or a gift from the gods, its a state of mind, a way of thinking and behaving.

I'm becoming more and more aware that there are a number of different topics, generated from the main topic of luck, that I think I am going to have to explore indivdually.
These include:

Lucky Charms
Lucky Numbers
Wiseman's chance encounters & luck increasing techniques
My Barcelona Holiday (so many things, lucky and unlucky happened over the 6 days..)
and then there is also things to do with games, quizs, gambling, the lottery. But i suppose this could tie in with lucky numbers.

So now I am working out the different sub headings of my research, I feel that it will be easier to explore Luck, its almost like it is too broad a subject because it's understood in so many different ways. But if I work to these individual subheadings, I think I will get a much more rounded view of what luck is.

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