22 Nov 2010

Universal Principles of Design Project

These two pages are A2 layout spreads for a magazine. This was a 4 day project, we were given 10 things/places/spaces and had to organise and present information about them. My group was given countries.. Wales, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, France, USA, Macedonia and Hawaii (which isn't a country but oh well.) We started off looking at them typographically and then started moving into images.
The first type spread is the countries in point size, one point = 10,000km.
And on the right hand side is the population density of the countries in relation to letterspacing.

We asked members of our graphics class to draw our 10 countries on a map that was blank apart from the UK. we got some very interesting results, and in this spread we overlayed 12 of them so you can see the differences. The coloured circles are the actual location of the countries.

The third spread we made is still a working progress, its all about the amount of google hits each country gets, made into some sort of map.

EDIT - new 3rd spread..

17 Nov 2010

Swing, Punch & Emboss Machine

This was a group project in which we had to produce a Drawing Machine incorporating three verbs. We were given, Swing, Punch and Emboss. We had to produce a film explaining how our machine was made and how it works.

12 Nov 2010

Everyday Objects Project

We were set a one week project to transform/rework/re-contextualise an everyday object. My group was given bin bags. We spent the first few days playing around with our material and brain storming ideas. We liked the idea of quantity.. one bin bag on its own is a very thin and flimsy piece of material but as soon as you start plaiting it together it can be ridiculously strong. So we made a lot of rope.. Also on the labels of bin bags they always tell you how many litres (of air) each bin bag holds.. but we thought what if this could be litres of water?

Our final idea was an instillation type piece, we filled bin bags with litres of water that made up a daily routine of water usage and waste. 1L of water weighs 1 killogram, so they weighed an absolute tonne, but we had our strong bin bag ropes to suspend them from the ceiling with. It was a long day setting up the bags and hoping that the hooks we'd superglued into the ceiling didn't give way and send water splashing everywhere in the middle of the crit.

The end result was quite powerful, it gave people the opportunity to actually see the volume of water they use in a day and make them consider it. The idea of bin bags immediately links to the idea of waste so we decided that the concept was clear, but the bags needed labelling with the amounts and the daily routine.. 'brushing teeth' 'washing up' etc. We tried to keep the labelling as simple as possible and using a language that was connected to our material. We had seen bin bags with tick boxes and bold text to identify what was inside so we used that for our labelling.