30 Nov 2011


A concept based project that involved creating or identifying a MacGuffin (a plot element used in films to catch the viewers attention & keep the story rolling.) We identified a MacGuffin in everyday life; the discourse particles used in speech as verbal thought, for example 'Like,' 'Um,' and 'Erm.' Each of them are interchangeable, so we created this glyph that combines the three.

We also made three separate films of people saying 'Like,' 'Um,' and 'Erm.' When played together they appear to be having a conversation between each other, a conversation consisting entirely of MacGuffins.

27 Nov 2011

Emotional Objects

Our latest project has been to give an everyday object an emotional response. I'm working with Lucy and we chose Pens as our object to work with.
We decided to play with adding scent to our pens, as scent is the most emotive of our senses. Firstly we made this prototype of a perfumed pen, where the perfume pump at the top gave out scent and also clicked the pen nib up and down,

This was quite messy and didn't always work so we took a new slant on the idea and have made a set of aromatherapy candle pens that each give off a different scent.

23 Nov 2011

Layout in progress

In uni we're doing type workshops, learning the basics of layout in Indesign.. kerning, tracking etc. This is one of my layouts, not finished yet but just wanted to upload it in-progress..

EDIT: More layouts, finished..

16 Nov 2011

Small Publishers Book Fair

Last weekend I went to the small publishers book fair in Holborn. So many amazing handmade books, I got this one..

13 Nov 2011


A one week self initiated project, my chosen subject was 'Greetings.'

It is becoming harder to judge which greetings are appropriate in certain situations, especially in more formal situations such as business. In Germany social etiquette groups are even campaigning to ban cheek kissing in the work place because they've had so many complaints that people find it awkward and uncomfortable!
I devised this colour coded ID system where employees can display which greeting they'd feel most comfortable with. Its not necessarily something I believe should be implemented into real life businesses, its more of a what could happen if people continue to feel this way.
I'm looking at expanding the idea now that the project has finished and maybe playing with the visual language to see how else I can get people to display their greeting.

11 Nov 2011

Three Minute Wonder

We were set a film project based around the three minute wonders on Channel 4. Working in groups of three we were given a profession (we got taxi driver) and were told to interview someone who worked in that job to find out how they use design in their everyday working life.
This project was a lot of fun, definitely one of my favourite so far. I learnt how to work a big camera and a fluffy mic and also how to edit in Final Cut Pro.
We met some really interesting characters, it was just a lucky dip getting into cabs in london and chatting to the drivers. Here's the finished three minute film..