22 Jun 2013


Loved this display method at Central St.Martins, the work is suspended around the trees and it looks really striking.

24 Apr 2013

Music video projection

I've posted a couple of times already about the music video for Dels' Black Salad that I've been working on with three of my classmates at Kingston. We've finished the final edit of the film and decided that it would look good as a projection, so today we trialled it out..

We also trialled having a figure in front of the projection, as we're thinking that the projection would work well as a stage backdrop..

22 Apr 2013

Pick Me Up & Pizza

Today I went to Pick Me Up, the graphic arts festival at Somerset House. I thought this year was actually the best yet, the work on display is always good but I felt that this year there were more fun things to do, which created a really nice atmosphere with all the different things going on and visitors getting involved.

My favourite work on display were Damien Florebert Cuypers' illustrations, I loved his sketches from Paris Fashion week. They are really quick and simple but capture the essence of people in the street/ at the shows, and a great alternative to street style photography that we're inundated with now...

Another highlight for me was the Face Stamping "ink-teractive illustration experience" by Human After All, which involved you mix and matching eyes, noses and mouths to create unique faces. Really simple but fun idea, I could have spent aaages there it was great. 

Here are my Face Stamp creations!.. 

After Pick Me Up we went to Franco Manca in Brixton for some amazing proper pizza, my photo doesn't really do it justice you have to go and eat it.


21 Apr 2013

So Dior

The design of this exhibition at Harrods is amazing! I was expecting a small collection of dresses but the temporary exhibition occupys a large section of the fourth floor and takes you through the full history of the French fashion house across a number of different rooms. There are numerous projections throughout the exhibition that enhance the really luxurious atmosphere that has been created. There are also interactive pieces such as the giant projected book that you can turn the pages of by swiping your hand across it. The exhibition also plays with scale, the giant Lady Dior bag that a film is projected onto makes a striking screen, and the huge chair & telephone box are playful as well as being iconic to the brand. 

Finally some Vitamin D

The sunniest weekend in aaaaages
Richmond Park was looking lovely yesterday..

11 Apr 2013


Last term at uni I worked in a group of 4 on a project to create a music video for Dels' Black Salad. We ended up making a film that was full of abstract visual patterns, mostly made from giant spirographs. Last week we booked out a rostrum camera to document our spirograph tests that provided the foundations for our video...

28 Mar 2013

Tiger Time Unmattering

Pae White's Installation piece: Too Much Night, Again is currently on display at the South London Gallery. It's based around the artist's insomnia and apparently took a team of eight technicians ten days to construct.
You just have to go and see it walk around in it, it's pretty amazing and it makes the large gallery seem really big and really small at the same time..