17 Dec 2012

Valentino: Master of Couture

Beautiful exhibition at Somerset House. The layout of the exhibition has been done so well, the first room is a display of letters, correspondence, photographs and sketches which sets the scene of luxury. It  also works well that you don't see the outfits straight away, it creates a bit of a build up and makes the catwalk presentation of the clothing more special. 

5 Dec 2012


Feeling really christmassy and I spotted this book of vintage christmas graphics in the library at uni (easily distracted from dissertation, oops) These are some of my favourites in the book..

23 Nov 2012

Rain Rain Rain

Yesterday I went to see Random International’s Rain Room at The Barbican Centre. The installation requires a lot of trust, the rain is torrential! But you are in control, when you slowly walk into the rain cameras sense your movement and the rain directly above you stops so you stay completely dry. It is a very surreal experience and it felt great to be so involved in what was happening, I think it takes interactive design to a new level.
Only about five people are allowed in the rain at one time so the queue to get in is pretty long, I queued for an hour but thats not too bad… some people I know have queued for three. I think it does kind of work in the installations favour anyway, there is a sense of build up and anticipation and when you finally get into the room you do really take the time to appreciate the whole installation. 

5 Nov 2012

The Future of Food

One of the projects I'm currently working on at uni is for an evening event at the Science Museum all about the future of food. I'm working with my flatmates on exploring 3d food printing and what might happen if 3d food printers become an everyday appliance in our kitchens at home.
Over the weekend we turned our kitchen into a mini photography studio, which seemed very fitting based on the subject of the project..

The event takes place on the 13th Nov so not long now at all, I'll be posting the final outcomes afterwards.

31 Oct 2012

Opening Ceremony

I worked in a group of four to create this stop motion film that celebrates the opening ceremony of your day.

We made the film using a Rostrum camera and put together the sequence in Final Cut Pro. The project was only a week long but it was important that we paid attention to detail in the animation with the objects and the background colours transition through sunrise. 

7 Oct 2012

Show Me The Food

Exploring the current trend of photographing your food in a restaurant led me to experiment with how I could encourage this or give it more purpose. I made these napkins that have photography tips on them and details of a website that customers could upload their food photos to.

18 Sep 2012

Sibling Outing

Yesterday I went into London with my brother and saw a few exhibitions that we've been meaning to go to, its also London Fashion Week and the London Design Festival at the moment so there is so much stuff going on.
First we went to a good classic, the National Portrait Gallery to see the Road to 2012 exhibition which is the largest photographic exhibition the NPG has put on. It features a range of photos from 1997, when London prepared for the bid, to 2012. The portraits celebrate the athletes and also the people behind the scenes of the games. 

The photos that stood out for me were the group portraits by Anderson & Low, the positioning of their subjects was perfect.

We did a bit of people watching outside LFW which was a bit surreal.

We then spent the afternoon at the V&A. The Heatherwick Studio exhibition is great, so many good ideas! At the start of the exhibition you turn a handle to roll out your own METRE LONG leaflet from a spiralling contraption. 

To round up our day we went to a talk by Wallpaper Magazine & Noma Bar at the V&A, all about the series of 8 covers that Noma Bar designed for Wallpaper's April 2012 Global Design issue. It was really interesting to hear about the working process that goes on to create the final cover, and with Noma's covers the execution of the idea from sketches to it being painted on walls and then photographed correctly so the perspective worked as a 2D image. 

16 Sep 2012

The kings of print team up!

I LOVE the work of Shane McAdams, his synthetic landscapes and ball point pen paintings are vibrant works of art. I was really excited to hear that Matthew Williamson teamed up with him to create his Spring Summer '13 prints, the results are beautiful...

13 Aug 2012

Summer Internship

For the past 9 weeks I have been the Design Intern at Granta Publications, working with the in-house design team across Granta Magazine, Granta Books and Portobello Books. I had the chance to work on a range of tasks including book cover layouts, photographing books for the website, bound-proofs, a press release, picture research and invitation design..

The last project I worked on were event calendars for the new issue of Granta Magazine, Medicine, and they have been emailed out to the subscribers. I was given a rough sketch of a medicine cabinet by the artistic director and from that I made these in Adobe Illustrator...

I learnt so many technical skills and it was great to see how the magazine comes together with its website, twitter and events for each quarterly issue.

24 Jul 2012

James Hastie

Some very intricate cutting and sticking is going on in these images by James Hastie. They look like photographs but are in fact collages, he said the project "is about finding, and indeed making; lines, horizons, blocks of colour and symmetry that do not exist in front of me."

Article available at www.itsnicethat.com/articles/james-hastie