27 Mar 2012

Photobooth scanner camera

Finy, Me, Grace and Gem.
Taken by Chris' scanner-camera at our Tourist exhibition private view last week. Somehow he's turned his scanner/printer into an instant camera and he set up a photo booth area at the exhibition which went down very well, you can see more photos from the scanner-camera on his website here.

Photographing Tourist Maps

Today George and I photographed our maps that we made for the Tourist exhibition. It was great to use the studio at uni to get a simple set of photos showing what the map is and how it works.

These are the post cards that people could take at the exhibition..

Thank you for being our model Finy!

Pick Me Up 3

This week its the third Pick Me Up at Somerset house, I went today and it was just as good as the last two, probably better actually.. There were so many prints I wanted that my student account just can't deal with, but it was ok because you're allowed to take photos inside so I got loads of photos of things I liked.

My favourite work was definitely Kristjana S Williams'... I LOVE this map!

22 Mar 2012

Tourist Exhibition

Our show at the Gallery on the Corner in Battersea finished yesterday, it was a great show and we had a very well-attended private view!

Everyone's work in the show was based around the title, 'Tourist' but could be any format. I worked with George Newton to create this scratchable map of London and a set of scratchable London Tube postcards..

The map had 'X's marked on it where people scratched to reveal non-touristy places that tourists visiting London would use to gain more of an insight into what the city is actually like from a locals point of view.

It was a great to have a piece of work in the exhibition that people could interact with, people kept on scratching away at the map and when I went to pick it up yesterday from the gallery there wasn't much silver left at all which was great.

20 Mar 2012

In the Red

Last week I was working on a typography project that involved all of my bank statements since coming to university, scary stuff. Working with Mustafa Miah, we used our bank statements since September 19th 2010 to present, to create these A1 visual representations of student debt, using the leading to show the descent into our overdrafts.

The images are A1 in size so quite hard to see on here but you can see them a lot clearer on my website, here.

15 Mar 2012

Exhibition on Monday!

follow @Touristshow for more details

The Poster is dead!

Last week at Kingston we collaborated with students from Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo on a project based around the title "The Poster is Dead! Long live the Poster!"
My group explored the idea of layers, when posters get pasted onto walls one on top of the other a thick layer of posters is created so when you try and take one poster down, you end up ripping away many others. We created this multilayered, perforated poster that people then ripped away at in the crit..

Screenprinted on the back of every found poster was the information about the collaborative project so people could rip it off and take it away as a mini flyer. The poster ended up getting pretty destroyed which was great! People kept ripping away at the layers to reveal more posters underneath..

It was a great week working with the Norwegian students and the project produced some really interesting outcomes, heres a few photos of some of the other groups posters..

6 Mar 2012


Last weekend I went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at Tate Modern. It was all pretty crazy but definitely worth visiting just for this last room, the Infinity Room, which was amazing and actually quite confusing, it took me a while to work out which parts were mirrors and which parts were just lights. Anyway it really is beautiful!