3 Feb 2013

Bright lights at the Hayward Gallery

The new exhibition, Light Show, has opened at the Hayward Gallery and oh my GOODNESS its good. The installations are incredible, some of them really play with your sight & trick your mind. I'll admit I've never actually been to an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery before, but this was an amazing first visit.

Infinity mirrors

This collection of three rooms really played tricks on your eyes. When you got used to one colour, e.g. red, and walked into the next room, e.g. blue, your eyes took a while to adjust to the new coloured lighting... but after a while they did adjust and the light begins to lose its vividness. You walk back to the red room but again the colour is really strong... the cycle repeats itself endlessly and you can't help but keep walking back & forth between the rooms to make your eyes try and fight the transition.

And the food market that was on this weekend just outside the Hayward Gallery was great, it was impossible to walk past all the street-food stalls without getting hungry, so Churros it was...

2 Feb 2013


I'm currently in the process of making a music video and my team's idea for it involves lots of visual patterns, so we made a giant spirograph-maker from a hula hoop!