26 Jan 2013

No Noise at Selfridges

The No Noise windows are amazing, they cleverly put across the idea behind Selfridges latest initiative and concept store. "As we become increasingly bombarded with information and stimulation, the world is becoming a noisier place. In an initiative that goes beyond retail, we invite you to celebrate the power of quiet, see the beauty in function and find calm among the crowds."

The Silence Room that is the main part of the No Noise initiative is a modern re-creation of Harry Selfridge's Silence Room in 1909 where busy shoppers could "retire from the whirl of bargains and the build up of energy." It is really odd at first; you have to take off your shoes, put all your stuff away in a locker and then walk along a dark corridor, but when you enter the softly lit room is is really relaxing. Selfridges say that the room, "Designed by Alex Cochrane Architects, this reincarnation of the Silence Room has an insulated inner-sanctum, shielded from the noise and human traffic of the store." 
I had to buy some of the de-branded Marmite from the Quiet Shop..

Dissertation Done!!

Handed my dissertation in last week, so good to have it done and out of the way. The title is 'A Diamond is Forever? How have De Beers changed the way in which they sell diamonds?' Here is a few images of the inside, and some of the key advertisements I used and analysed..