22 Apr 2010

Lucky charms

Today I had a lucky chance encounter and bumped into a friend on the train, we were talking about our FMP's and what we were exploring, and I mentioned that mine was about Luck. Kathryn then told me that she actually had a lucky charm that she took with her everywhere. It was perfect, I am about to start asking around for who has lucky charms/rituals etc, and randomly one was placed right infront of me!
She got her lucky charm a couple of years ago in a little shop in Dungeness. She liked visiting the area, so decided to carry the charm with her wherever she went because it reminded her of her visits to the place when we was growing up. She said that one time she had forgotten to put it into her bag, and that day she lost her phone, so now she always makes sure she has it with her.

I'm now going look at more individuals lucky charms, and I also want to explore sports people's lucky charms and rituals..

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