22 Jan 2011

Reverting to Type

Today I went to an exhibition by contemporary letterpress practitioners at the Standpoint Gallery in Hoxton, London. It was an example of how the hundreds-of-years-old method is being used in modern day typography and graphic design.

10 Jan 2011

Bertrand Fevre's Porcelain Sculpture

Ludovica Gioscia

works in animation, sculpture, illustration, installation, I just saw some of her work on Its Nice That's blog.

Seeing and Reading

We did a typography project concerned with the difference between seeing and reading type. Working in pairs we had to design and make a leaflet and an A1 poster for an exhibition of the artist Rachel Whiteread's work at Tate Britain. We were inducted in and had to use Adobe Indesign. Rachel Whiteread's work is mostly concerned with negative space, so this was a running theme through our design.
Our leaflet,