22 Apr 2010

Final Major Project

In my last term of foundation I have to complete a Final Major Project, writing my own brief and planning and completing my own project. It could be on absolutely anything we wanted, and I knew that I wanted to choose a broad title that would allow me to explore lots of different ideas and processes. I chose to explore Luck.
This is my FMP statement that I had to write before starting work on the project:

Exploring Luck

On this Foundation course I have learnt about the importance of carrying out research and ideas development before creating final outcomes. I now feel that my ideas are more considered and my work has developed thanks to this new understanding of the design process.

The inspiration for my final major project is a personal one. About a month ago I attended an interview, and wore a new top that I'd bought the day before. The interview went really well and turned out to be successful, so in all the following interviews and portfolio review days, I wore the exact same outfit, and each time was successful. I suppose that for me, someone who gets very nervous about anything to do with interviews, it was nice to have something familiar on each of the days that reminded me of the previous successes, and I guess it made me feel more confident and relaxed. This got me thinking about luck, and how I could explore it. For my FMP it is important for me to choose a broad topic to explore, that doesn't limit the sort of work I can produce. I have thoroughly enjoyed working in handmade processes such as cut-outs and screen-printing, and artists and designers such as Michael Perry and Robert Ryan have influenced me in my understanding of this approach to graphic design, and how I can incorporate these techniques into visualising the ideas that I have.

The aim of my final major project is to explore the concept of luck. I am interested in looking at and investigating the science and theories behind luck and why some people are just luckier than others. I also want to look into the idea of lucky charms, but not the cliche four leaf clovers and horseshoes, but individuals own personal sources of luck and the superstitions that we all possess. I will need to carry out extensive research, using the internet and books as important starting points. I also want to collect primary research directly from people, gathering information through methods such as questionnaires. It is going to be important not to just collect information from my friends and family, but from a wide range of people if I want to get a broad understanding of how people interpret luck. Once I have collected and collated my information and I'm ready to move onto the ideas development stage of my project, I will think about using the handmade processes that I have previously practised and look at using the resources that are available to me, such as the screen-printing and letterpress workshops.

I will evaluate my progress constantly throughout this project through the use of a reflective blog, where I will record decisions and ideas development. I will also be taking part in group crits and tutorials where I will be discussing my ideas with my peers in the studio. This will be invaluable for me if I want to successfully carry out my exploration into luck.

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