17 May 2010

Text numbers book

Today I am working on putting together one of my final outcomes books, the text numbers.
I have worked out the sequence of the numbers that i want, and have been tracing the numbers onto the pages...

A good few hours later and I've completed the numbers..

I'm pleased with the outcome, they look good a set. I had to be really careful to make sure the text fitted into the shape of the numbers, sometime its gone a little bit over the length of the number.. but i don't think this is really noticeable. Now i want to put in the bottom right hand corner the person's name & age. I think it will put their lucky number and quote in a bit more of a context, and show that these lucky numbers come from actual people! At the moment though I'm not sure what letraset to use, I've used uppercase Helvetica 5mm for the numbers, but the lowercase in the same type will be too big.. i want the names to be quite subtle in the corner and not detract from the numbers. I've got some Times New Roman in 3mm but I'm not sure about mixing the two types together. I'm going to wait and try and get hold of some Helvetica 3mm tomorrow and then the dilemma will hopefully be solved!

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