14 May 2010

Final outcomes plan

I had a tutorial with Rob and we discussed my ideas for final outcomes. Because i was pleased with the lucky numbers photos book, and thought that the photos and the quotes about people's lucky numbers looked good together in sequence, we decided that it would make sense to create a series of books for my final outcome. I am going to make 3 books,
1 = Lucky numbers photos with cutout explanations.
This i have trialed already, but when i make the final one i need to think about not just sticking the photos onto the pages of the book, but having them printed onto the pages and also about the cutout explanation font/size etc. I'm going to use more photos in the final one as well, in the trial book there was only 4.
2 = A book just of the numbers made out of text, that I've practiced with number 6 'I've just always had a good feeling about it.' This is going to be on white paper, very clean and simple, using Letraset to write the text. I chose to make a book of these text numbers because this was the technique that i thought worked best in my experiments of combining the numbers & the explanations, because it was the most successful visually and also the process is one that can work for every number.
3 = Lucky routines. This one i still need to work out the format.. I think I'm going to have one page = one person, and have their lucky routine on that one page? Once i have completed one of the other books I can then concentrate on planning this one.

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