22 May 2010

Making cutout numbers book

I previously made a cutout numbers book as part of my experiments in how to present the information I'd collected and photos I'd taken. Before i started to make the final cutout book, i went back and looked at the previous one, and what I'd written on here about ways in which i needed to improve it. I chose to make the book using cartridge paper, so i could easily print the photos onto it and also easily cut through it. I worked out the page layout and printed the photos onto the paper, the photos have a sort of grainy look to them because they're printed onto cartridge paper, but i don't mind this, i think it just softens the photos a bit and fits a bit more with the whole handmade process of the book. I've got 8 photos & explanations in total. I then stenciled the explanations onto the pages and I've started the cutouts:

I'm going to make sure I'm centering the cutouts on the page, something I picked up on from making the trial book.

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