10 May 2010

Adding explanations & photos together

I've been experimenting with ways of joining the photos of people with their lucky numbers/ charms and their explanations of why they are lucky to them. This is really important, because its the people's explanations that makes the project interesting. The explanations have got to blend in with the photos, i've got to really make sure it's known that they come as a pair.
I've been experimenting with ways in which I could do this,
I started with Becca's number 6, I stenciled the letters onto the photo and then cut them out. I like how the explanation is in the photo, but the problem is that the cutout looks really messy on the glossy paper. The shine on the paper gets scratched off when you cut it with a scalpel so it looks like the letters have been ripped out when you look up close.

I then experimented with Katryns lucky charm, simply using Letraset to add her explanations:

I like the simplicity of this, the Letraset fits in well with the photos because its quite soft, especially on the bottom photo of just the charm, the writing looks quite delicate.The problem I have with this now though, is that I think the photos look better when they are grouped together, espcially the numbers photos. The cutout explanation on Becca's photo look pretty random as just a single photo, I think the photos need to be seen in sequence all together so the concept makes more sense to the viewer. So because of this, I started to sample ideas for presenting the photos in sequence.
I first simply arranged the photos and then used Letraset to write the short explanation quotes underneath:

This works better, the photos make more sense in sequence and the captions underneath easily explain the concept when you see them all together.
Because I've been thinking a lot about sequence, I got onto the idea of books. I've really enjoyed working in book form previously on foundation, and I think this is the perfect way to display the set of photos. I worked out the layout for my book using one piece of A2 paper.

I want to have the captions on the page before the photo. I experimented with methods of presenting the captions through a worksheet, and I decided that cutouts would work best for this, because I again I want to captions to work with the photos, so by using cutouts on caption page, you'll be able to see through to the photo on the next. This is the book, (without a cover at the moment)

I'm pleased with the outcome of the book, the cutouts works well to combine the photos and the explanations, but there are some things i need to think about changing... such as the fact that the photos are just stuck onto the pages, it would look much better if they were printed onto the actual book pages. Also the cutouts aren't central to the page, so you can't really see much of the photo behind them. I've only used 4 photos as well, i really would want a lot more pages, at the moment it seems a bit brief and doesn't really make much of a point by just using 4 people.

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