22 Jan 2010

Typography week comes to an end

The last typography workshop of the week was based around transforming the classic font, Helvetica, in the style of a word that we had to choose from a list. My chosen word was 'Construct.' I was thinking about simply separating the letters out into pieces, but then I had a lightbulb moment and thought jigsaw! We were given the alphabet printed on A4 pages in Helvetica so I cut up all the 26 letters into 144 jigsaw pieces. The A above was my obvious starting point and this is my full alphabet all put together in a big font construction:

This week really has turned me into a typography geek, we even watched the film

and I found it really interesting! On the journey home I was spotting Helevetica everywhere, a very geeky way to pass time on the train but it worked.

And this is my font that I'm working on from the first typography workshop day, it's all made up of the same rectangular and semicircle shapes. Some of them still need sizing up and I need the f's,g's etc to fill the space properly but yeah, this is what it looks like at the moment:

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