19 Jan 2010


Today was based around this image below, Paul Elliman's found font. Which is pretty obviously, font made from found objects.

I used my 3D glasses I got when I went to see Avatar and a couple of pencils to create mine. I placed my objects on an OHP, these are photos of the images it produced projected on a wall:

I then traced the letters off the wall, traced that again in black pen, photocopied it, filled it in with black pen, photocopied it again, cut it out and arranged it in order and photocopied it again shrinking it down a bit... to make this!

I want to now scan the individual letters into the computer and sort out the sizing. If I want this to become a typeface the letters need to be the same height. I'm pleased with this so far though, I like how you can see with every letter how it is made up of the glasses. I think I'm only going to complete it up to the letter 'h' though at the moment because I'm still working on sorting out my 26 letter shapes-typeface from yesterdays workshop, which I'll get done tomorrow!
Busy times.

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