6 Jan 2010


I've just been set a new project brief titled 'How Things Work,' that follows on from research I did in the christmas holidays about my chosen phenomena, Photosynthesis. When I was doing the research I got out my old GCSE biology textbooks and reminded myself what photosynthesis actually is, and then I experimented with ways of presenting this information. I wanted to see how I could use the word equation (Carbon Dioxide + Water + Light --> Glucose + Oxygen) and also how I could just show the facts that I found out about.

A couple of the Ideas I experimented with..

And i got my typewriter to work!

So the new brief is all about taking these ideas and the research forward and making a one minute film explaining the phenomena and how it works. I've got to work out how I'm going to simply explain photosynthesis... I know I want my film to be made in stop frame animation style, but I need to story board the information that I want to include and make sure its not dull and doesn't overload the viewer with facts. Should be interesting..


  1. Im upset this isn't Letroset, however im quite impressed that you managed to get a typwriter working

  2. Don't you worry moran, the much loved letraset will make a comeback very soon i promise