28 Feb 2012

Letterform Collected

Today our typography tutor brought in a number of books and magazines for us to have a look at to get some inspiration for the type project we're working on. I especially like this one, 'Letterform Collected' which is a publication made by no-longer running Grafik magazine. It's a collection of letterforms featured in a monthly column that they used to run.

On every double spread there is a letterform & information about its designer. Johann Steingruber's Architectural Alphabet (1773) is my favourite that's featured in the book, none of the buildings were actually built but the letters provide a very detailed and accurate architectural plan.

I'd quite like to live here:

Another letterform I noticed in the book was this one, The 'Interrobang,' a mixture of a question mark and an exclamation mark which I didn't know actually existed. It was designed by Martin Speckter in 1962 to create neater lines in advertising copy.

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