19 Oct 2011

Motion sensor clock

This digital clock is in the design museum at the moment as part of the Designers in Residence exhibition. At first when I just walked up to it it was just a plain black clock, but when it sensed some presence, it flashed up 'Hi'.. then quickly the time, then 'Good god' and then 'Bye.' It had a mind of its own..

It was designed and made by Hye-Yeon Park,

"On first glance the Mr. Clock has the illusion of having its own personality, it seems to playfully flip between nonsensical configurations of each seven-segment digit. Our expectation is for the digital display to show us the time but this clock rebelliously refuses. If clocks had personalities we must ask “what does a clock do when we are not looking at it?”. But this clock still retains its relationship to its owners, as you walk up close it remembers itself and resumes its time keeping function. It is only when we pay attention to this clock that it responds by telling us the time."

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