16 Mar 2011

Pocket Archive triangle project

This was a project was started months and months ago, it was meant to test our ability to continue research and development over a really long period of time. We chose really random subjects that we could explore in great detail and try and visually communicate something. My subject was triangles, some pages from my sketchbook..

After a lot of research and not being sure what to do with it, I had a tutorial and was discussing ideas about patterns and shapes and had a lightbulb moment of, Kaleidoscope! It uses mirrored prisms to create endless patterns. So I took some photos of the inside of a kaleidoscope..

During the project I had researched typography made from triangles and this was something I wanted to do, so for my final piece I cut out the kaleidoscope photos into triangles and arranged them in type. 'Kaleidoscope' comes from the greek phrase 'to view a beautiful form,' so that is what I wrote in the type that I made in order to sum up what I was trying to show..

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