15 Mar 2012

The Poster is dead!

Last week at Kingston we collaborated with students from Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo on a project based around the title "The Poster is Dead! Long live the Poster!"
My group explored the idea of layers, when posters get pasted onto walls one on top of the other a thick layer of posters is created so when you try and take one poster down, you end up ripping away many others. We created this multilayered, perforated poster that people then ripped away at in the crit..

Screenprinted on the back of every found poster was the information about the collaborative project so people could rip it off and take it away as a mini flyer. The poster ended up getting pretty destroyed which was great! People kept ripping away at the layers to reveal more posters underneath..

It was a great week working with the Norwegian students and the project produced some really interesting outcomes, heres a few photos of some of the other groups posters..

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